Friday, September 14, 2012

Soon, There Will Be Beer!

I worked on a project that now is two million square feet of manufacturing space in Massillon, Ohio.  Almost 1,000 people can say they work around a place that was a deal I worked on in Steubenville.

We attracted a one-of-a-kind anechoic chamber to the Port Authority's facility.  That's pretty neat.  We even built a room here that you have to put on 3D glasses to use.  3D glasses!

Yes, it's as if nothing I've done before competes for the buzz (no pun intended) that the beer deal has created though.  OK, pun intended.

Two guys who started in one of their basements are poised to finish construction and move to production on their small, craft brewery in the Port Authority-owned former Air Force technical orders storage building on our Aerospace Center campus.  It's a neat manufacturing story.

When the Homestead Beer Company facility opens on Day One, it will be the largest brewery in Licking County

Adam Rhodes and Kevin Atkinson are creating the buzz.  Adam is a software engineer, giving up all those 1's and 0's to be a brew master.  Kevin is the sales force for what will start out as a keg operation selling to local and regional taps.

And every person who has heard about it is curious about it and anxious to see these guys succeed.

Yes, folks, soon, there will be beer!