Saturday, August 18, 2012

Manufacturing Has Hill to Climb

The Huffington Post "Fact of The Day" touts a 20% increase in manufacturing output in an "infographic" published Friday.

That good news tidbit was buffeted by "facts" that show manufacturing is still being given a hill to climb by the national media. Since we're talking about a graphic, call me an art critic.

The graphic for the industry shows a smokestack. Stereotype.

The worker is represented by a metal lunch bunket. Stereotype.

A down arrow accompanies the fact that manufacturing jobs have increased 4% in the past three years. Down?

It subtitles the piece "where the jobs aren't" to boot. That's unfair.

Other facts aren't new news at all. Yes, automation has made the metals industries hugely more productive in the last 30 years while electronics and apparel production has been moved offshore in droves.

All this shows is manufacturing still has a hill to climb.

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