Monday, July 9, 2012

Gain From The Pain

Nearly 10 days without electricity wears on you. I'm still able to see the upside, though.

The derecho (NWS term for this odd storm that hit us) saw AEP replace over 130 poles and over 60 transformers. It's a pretty devastating event that causes that.

Look at it this way. This is an infrastructure investment that pays off. Newark will emerge with stronger, more reliable electric service in the future because of it.

Right of way has been cleared of trees that threatened daily service. The new poles and transformers add years to the life of the system. The whole system--from transmission lines, substations, primary lines, and secondary service--has just gotten a multi-million dollar update.

So, know anyone who needs reliable electric? Now, Newark is the place that can say it has seen the investment to more ably say that it has it.

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