Thursday, June 28, 2012

Issue Update: Dawes Arboretum Plaza

In 2011
A year later, in 2012
I'm updating past issues on occasion over the next few days.

Dawes Arboretum has inspired many a column from me, including one about our new plaza.

The tree museum folks at Dawes Arboretum inspired the new plaza at the Aerospace Center as part of their sustainable sites initiative.  A year ago in July 2011, the plaza opened along with the $5.7 million new Horton Building.

It's a chance for Aerospace Center personnel to get the flavor for Dawes at their workplace.  It's unique value proposition is the plantings are 100% Ohio-native from locally-sourced nurseries.

Today, there are no regrets.  None.

It's a fabulous place to enjoy a lunch, hold an outdoor meeting, or just show off to a prospect.

The color this Summer is an unexpected surprise.  I enjoy it thoroughly and I'm not alone.

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