Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Do No Further Harm

Dean Barber's Sunday edition of Barberbiz is a must read among the manufacturing pieces out there.

Barber is a site selection consultant who has his finger on the pulse of emerging industries.  It's my interpretation that he refuses to write a Pollyanna-like look at manufacturing, but he also refuses to write manufacturing off either.

His theme of late is on a national manufacturing strategy. 

The summation quote is actually a quote from Rob Atkinson of ITIF: 

"The solution to this challenge needs to go beyond partisan differences: we need a more competitive tax code and smarter regulations, but we also need increased public investment in manufacturing technology programs and programs to ensure a trained manufacturing workforce at all levels. Absent robust and sustained action by Washington, I fear that in a decade U.S. manufacturing will be have continued its decline, with the negative consequences for jobs, income and GDP growth."

Here's the piece: First, Let's Do No Harm.

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