Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Apps!

IP Cam Viewer has my vote as, at least, the App of the month.

Ever since we bought these iPads, I've had two mental images in my mind of how they could be used at the Port Authority to take facilities management to another, more high tech level.

The IP Cam Viewer fulfilled one of those images.  I can view our Port Authority's ten security cameras with internet connections LIVE via the app on my iPad. 

Up to now, I've had to rely on still images on the PC or logging in (laboriously) to one of the cameras to view it live.

The app has already proven its $3.99 value.  Last night, while just doing a check-in, I noticed that the lights illuminating the big Boeing sign on our building were cycling from on to off rapidly.  The fix comes this morning, but there were no reports in otherwise so I was the only one reporting a pretty visible problem.

I'll save the second mental image for tomorrow.

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