Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unsticking the Fork Out of the Smart Growth Movement?

It's been so quiet I thought the so-called Smart Growth movement was done and gone.  Stick a fork in 'em. 

Guess not.

Joel Kotkin's latest piece, "Is Suburbia Doomed? Not So Fast" ferrets out some of the most recent examples and shows the people wanting to predict and, seemingly, hoping for the demise of suburbs are still hard at work.  He points out the flaws in their "wishful thinking" and, instead, predicts the growth of suburbs in the near- and long-term future.

Kotkin's message to the Smart Growthers (he calls them urbanists) was in his conclusion:

"If the new urbanists want to do something useful, they might apply themselves by helping these peripheral places of aspiration evolve successfully. That’s far more constructive than endlessly insisting on — or trying to legislate — their inevitable demise."

Right on.

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