Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Retiring One of Those People With Laser Beam Wisdom

Village Administrator Mike McFarland is set to retire soon from his post at Central Licking County's manufacturing gateway--Hebron.

McFarland's gain of a gold watch is all of Licking County's loss.

Mike is one of those people with laser beam wisdom.  Doesn't matter the topic.  He can zero right in on the central point and message with super efficiency.

I've watched and marveled.  It's a gift.

Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce function a little while back, he coached the audience on understanding the role that they, as community leaders, can play in promoting economic development in the community.  His advice was right on, as always.

At a September Chamber Economic Development Committee meeting, introduced to the topic of the new CIC for the first time, he ticked off the list of things that needed to get done to get keep the momentum going and volunteered to be part of getting it going.  Just a couple weeks before that, he cited the need to get our arms around the hard-to-define roles of economic development.  The "McFarland Plan" was set in motion.  Right on target.

I don't live in Hebron, but I suspect he's employed that same laser beam wisdom to everything from its meticulously-maintained municipal building to the streets and neighborhoods.

He'll be missed.

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