Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Look at The Ohio Redistricting Map

The Ohio Congressional redistricting bill has now been introduced and, reportedly, is on the fast track for adoption in the Ohio House.  My hastily, hand-drawn map of Ohio's proposed redistricting is above.

The Plain Dealer has now published a map in full color.

Here's some observations about counties:
  • Licking County should be very, very happy.  Though not everyone shares my thinking, I think being one sixth of one Congressional District is far superior to being 1/12th of two.  Clout divided is clout lost.
  • Erie County should be the maddest county.  This small county is in parts of three Congressional Districts now.  Again, clout divided is clout lost.
  • Stark County, my old home county, is another one that has been carved into three parts.  Stark County isn't likely to see another Ralph Regula anytime soon.  Ralph Regula served the county, united in one Congressional District, for parts of four decades.
Here's some observations about people:
  • Congressman Pat Tiberi, already familiar to Licking County and the Aerospace Center personnel, will now represent the facility and, by appearances, will represent 70% of personnel where they live too. 
  • Congressman Steve Stivers will move into number two among members of Congress representing personnel at the Port Authority's Aerospace Center.  Time to get him in here to see the place! 
  • Former Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy.  Many are predicting the return of former Congresswoman Kilroy with this new district in Franklin County.  We'll see.  She may not be alone.  It's enticing for someone, indeed.
  • Former Congressman Zack Space.  Space's home county got chopped in half.  His return didn't get any easier, if he was planning one.
  • Congressman Bill Johnson was the rumored Republican out, but his district remains pretty much intact and, oddly shaped though it still is, is no less winnable than before. 
  • Congressman Jim Jordan picked up some completely new counties and an odd shape too.

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  1. These Districts are asinine. Prof Gunther of Ohio State and the League of Women Voters came up with a much more fair redistricting, but not the Repubs are in charge of redistricting you can forget about any fairness, it will be gerrymandered to protect there control. What a shame and a waste of taxpayer dollars.