Friday, September 23, 2011

The Bully Pulpit Within The Bully Pulpit

The Governor's Energy Summit was a great use of the bully pulpit by Governor John Kasich.

Kudos go to AK Steel Chairman and CEO James Wainscott, though, for using the bully pulpit within the Governor's bully pulpit.  Wainscott used his time during a panel on manufacturing to recite the demise of manufacturing in the past 50 years.  He urged a national manufacturing policy and cited the need to "embrace manufacturing," undertake "reasonable regulation," and improve tax policy among his policy suggestions.

Then, when the Governor himself came into the room and Wainscott got recognized to speak again, he repeated the same message again saying it was time to "put our arms around manufacturing."  Good move.

For final measure, Wainscott served as the moderator for the final panel.  Guess what he talked about.

Applause for Jim Wainscott. Thanks, Jim.

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