Sunday, August 28, 2011

More on Ohio's Energy Prowess

These are a few random things that Ohioans should know in order to get to know the energy boom that appears poised to come.
Understand Ohio's History:  Ohio's role in the nation's energy industry is long and proud.  This is an oil refinery in Cleveland in 1899. 

Standard Oil was founded as an Ohio company in 1870.  Though now at 5 million barrels a year, Ohio produced 24 million barrels of oil in 1896.

Get to Know Fracking:  Fracking is the process of sand and water to extract oil and gas.  It's a process for getting production out of oil and gas wells that has been around for 60 years.  One source points out that 99.5% of the materials used in the process are sand and water.

See Utica and Marcellus:  These are geological rock formations named by geologists based on the millions of years ago they were formed.  Utica was formed more than 440 million years ago.  Marcellus somewhere near 400 million years ago.  In Ohio, Utica shale could be shallower than points east and, thus, easier to reach.

Everyone Has Gas:  One person recently told me that every continent on the planet has natural gas deposits.  Getting to it is another story, but the fuel is there to be had.

Getting the Value of Energy Independence:  Much of our U.S. economy depends on the crude oil coming from the Mideastern countries.  That dependence, for decades, has been a drain on our economy and our governance.  Energy independence, could it be achieved again, would have huge value to our economy and national security.

July 2011 Unemployment Rate, by State (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Get to Know the Dakotas:  Above is the July 2011 unemployment rate map.  The lighter the shade of blue, the lower the rate.  For years now, North Dakota and South Dakota have benefited from a surging oil and gas industry.  The result has defied the trends around the rest of the nation, including Ohio.

Government's Roles Being Defined:  Governor Kasich has lent his name to and is hosting the Ohio Governor's 21st Century Energy & Economic Development Summit to bring together the industry, including electric, oil, gas, coal, and other renewable fuel producers.  This type of action makes sense to educate development interests and state policymakers.

Thanks for reading.  Hope it helps.

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