Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Butter Object in Every Town

The Ohio State Fair's most famous attraction over the years is the butter cow.  It's a mainstay.

I  suppose I'm being a little irreverent, but i have to ask:  What if other venues copied the act and started crafting things out of butter?

Take our Port Authority, for example.

Our customer, Boeing, could make a butter missile, though I don't think it would survive re-entry.

A person in a cleanroom garment might make for a good butter sculpture.  That fits the venue.

Newark is known for its building-sized basket.  Might as well add the butter basket.

My hometown, Massillon, could have a butter version of its most famous former resident, Paul Brown.  Butter brown?

The most-famous Ohioan, Thomas Edison, could make a good butter figure to inspire a whole new generation of inventors (and cholesterol lovers).

For me, though, especially this time of year, the butter shape I crave to see the most is a pat of butter on an ear of Ohio sweet corn.  Yum.

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  1. Your picture of the corn reminded me of the way my mother, who was from Ohio taught us to eat corn. Take the ear of corn and roll it on top of a stick of butter. The butter melts into all the crevices. Best way to eat corn.