Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Years on Twitter

I just noticed that Wednesday was my two-year anniversary of joining Twitter.

That was July 2009.

We were wrapping up the then-largest project in our history, a roadway, bridge, and transportation facilities reconfiguration.  That was a local economic stimulus project worth tweeting about.

We were about to get a lease extension from our largest tenant, the first of $20 million worth of leases done in that year.  Defintely worth tweeting about.

Though I couldn't tweet about it yet, we were in the midst of getting ready to proceed with what became the largest project in our history--the Horton Building.  For the last 16 months, I've been able to tweet about that too.

In between, I've watched our Port Authority use Twitter in some pretty creative ways from instant messages integrated on our website to corporate news on our Lobby Message Center.

As I watch more young people joining the Twitter arena, I wonder what the next two years has to bear.  Stay tuned at @RickPlatt.

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