Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kotkin Primer: Part 2 of 5

The columnist is on vacation and advanced posted five days worth of columns where author Joel Kotkin writes about manufacturing and other Ohio-relevant topics.  It's all a primer leading up to Kotkin's visit to the Buckeye State in August as part of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce's Annual Dinner and a Licking County Workforce Summit.  Enjoy.

Ohio and Texas: A Tale of Two States was a Politico opinion piece from Joel Kotkin that ran in February 2008 during the Presidential election.

The contrast he makes between the economic trajectory of Ohio compared to Texas is none too flattering for Ohio.

Though, regrettably, we'll hear about this in August when Kotkin visits, I'm hoping we hear that Licking County is defying some of the trends assigned to our state.  We'll see.

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