Friday, June 17, 2011

A Theater Review From a Biased Source

I'm strongly recommending getting a ticket, if you can still get one, for the Licking County Players' production of Tom Sawyer.  The play started last night and runs through Sunday, June 26.  Of course, I have a bias since my youngest daughter is a member of the cast.

My bias aside, I think this is a play worth bringing the whole family to see.

The youth actors show great ability to mix the sort of drama and humor that any version of Tom Sawyer would require. 

The young man playing Tom Sawyer for the opening night mixed some Sawyer-like adlibs into the show too.  This is a youth production and takes some skill for teenagers to pull off acting as people three and four times their age.

Everyone enjoys Mark Twain's character, Tom Sawyer, and writer Tim Kelly's take on the character is memorable.
UPDATE:  The Newark Advocate review is out now.  The paper likes it too.

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