Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Reshoring Example Times 180

It would be hard to convince many people in northern Stark County that manufacturing wasn't dead.  Just a few years ago, Maytag's Hoover company took manufacturing away and one of the modern, manufacturing plants with interchange access to I-77 for Hoover had been converted to a mega church in the meantime.

A turn around, a 180 degree change in direction, seemed unlikely.

The news did a 180 in more ways than one though.  Good manufacturing news came to North Canton, Ohio mid last month with word that 180 manufacturing jobs were coming to this community that had been hard hit by the loss of manufacturing of Hoover vacuum cleaners.

The news came from a direct marketing company, Suarez Corporation Industries, that has a 43-year history in Stark County.  The company announced those jobs and its plan to re-shore manufacturing of its EdenPURE® Infrared Portable Heater back to the U.S.  The ships carrying goods here would do a 180 too.  The announcement included word of the product's supplier network being re-shored as well.  See the full story on PR Newswire.

This is another example of what we should all hope is a continuing trend--manufacturing coming back to the U.S., back to the Midwest, and back to Ohio.  Thanks, SCI.

Yes.  Manufacturing is alive!

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