Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where Manufacturing Goes in Ohio. . .the 'Burbs

March saw Site Selection magazine award its Governor's Cup for 2011 to Texas.  Ohio was second after winning it multiple times in previous years.

Winning of the Governor's Cup has become a source of pride for the state's development folks over the last 20 years and a benchmark for states to measure their development success.

I recently completed a review of the 2010 numbers from the on-line version of the state's "Ohio Private Investment Survey" report, a report Ohio's Dept. of Development publishes of projects meeting the magazine's criteria for the year.

The report reveals at least 92% of the business investment projects that where considered manufacturing-related were outside of the 3C's.  In fact, 83% were outside of the three most-populated counties in Ohio.

That is, 152 of 184 business attraction and expansion projects labeled manufacturing came from outside of the three most-populated Ohio counties of Hamilton, Cuyahoga, and Franklin.  In fact, only 15 total manufacturing projects showed a Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus address in the report.

Further, the numbers reveal where Ohio development comes from too.  Though more than 60% of the 304 projects in Ohio were manufacturing-related, the report recognizes distribution, office, R&D, and other investments as well.

It shows that more than 71% of all projects on the Ohio Private Investment Survey happened outside of the "3C" counties.  That number is similar to the 2009 (73%) and 2008 (74%) numbers.

All this just further validates that Ohio's future rests on the success of its suburbs.

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  1. But yet if legislators listen to the Smart Growth folks like Greater Ohio, we're lead to believe the opposite - and encouraged to divert ever increasing amounts of suburban tax revenues in our "core cities."