Friday, May 20, 2011

Today is World Metrology Day 2011

Today is World Metrology Day.  No, not a weather-related day.  That word is metrology.

On this date in 1875, the Metre Convention was signed and established a worldwide approach to the science of measurement.  In English, metrology is defined as the science of measurement.

This year's celebration, being its the International Year of Chemistry, focuses on the chemical aspects of metrology.

The Port Authority will mark the occasion at the Aerospace Center as metrology is an important component of what our customers do  every day.

The Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory is a metrology lab operated for the Air Force by Bionetics and overseen by the AFMETCAL program.  These are located at the Aerospace Center where the capabilities have been for 49 years.

Combined with the metrology capabilities of the Boeing-Heath operation, its fair to say there's no larger aerospace concentration of metrology in the world than right here in Heath, Ohio.

Interesting enough, the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, with its headquarters in Western Licking County, is home to another world-renowned metrology lab for weights and measures.

So, join us in celebrating World Metrology Day here in Licking County.

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