Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coming Soon: Arrests at the O.U. Fests

The notorious season of [INSERT NAME HERE] 'fests hosted by students at Ohio University is upon us.   The "us" includes parents of O.U. students (that's me), O.U. alumni (not me), Athens residents, and, of course, O.U. students and their guests.

The Facebook event page for the most notorious of the notorious, Palmer Fest, is up and running.  The photo above is a direct link to the page's profile photo.  The five-word description for the event reads, simply, "Live Music!  Also, Live Fires!"  As I type this, well over 5,000 people have said they are attending.  Which was it that drew them, the music or the fires?

A scheduled riot with fires in the street and bottles thrown at police officers means you can be sure that the news media is scheduling their editorial calendars in advance for next Sunday's edition.

I suppose the City of Athens is scheduling police officers and horses, though I bet the horses would opt out if they could.

I suppose O.U. is ready, but I, personally, hope its with something more than the standard public relations message shedding blame on to the City and deflecting it away from their own student body.

I also hope I can bribe my daughter to stay away. I'm trying.

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