Monday, April 25, 2011

Remembering St. Mary's Men and Boys Choir

An e-mail blast from a family friend caused me to remember St. Mary Catholic Church in Massillon, Ohio and its Men and Boys Choir.  I was a boy who sang in the choir 1977-1981.  I think the photo above was from 1976.

The e-mail mentioned a series of YouTube videos that had been posted with photos from St. Mary, including photos of choir director Harold Conti.  He was organist too.

When Conti retired from teaching at the St. Mary School, the concept of the school's 5-8 grade boys being the choir got retired too. I doubt many places still do something like it.

It's a memory of something that few will ever experience.

Below is a link to one of those videos with one of the best-known songs sung by the Choir every fourth of July--The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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  1. Rick: It is great that you have posted this link. At the 1:04- 1:07, and 3:22-3:24 marks, that's me back in the days. The whole purpose behind the original digitizing in 2003-05, and the Youtube video assembly in 2010 was for the whole world to enjoy these numbers. Thanks for posting this. Ray Herbst