Friday, April 22, 2011

Now An Amateur Meterologist

After a storm knocked out our power at the Aerospace Center (that's happened, now, just one time in our 15-year history), I went about describing the severity of the storm that hit the area in my humble observations.

I sent this aerial photo to show the swath this storm appeared to follow:

I had to admit, and did admit, that this was my amateur, non-expert attempt at figuring the storm's swath.

I couldn't have been more accruate though.  And I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express either.

Yesterday, I checked out the National Weather Service report on the storm event that was declared a EF2 tornado by the NWS.

The green arrow depicts the coordinates where the NWS report indicates the tornado began:

That's our bridge!  And, yes, there were several trees within that area that fell victim to the storm.

The end point is here:

Pretty much right on. 

I think, given the damage west of the supposed NWS starting point, they may want to readjust their starting point a few ticks west.  But, who am I to say?  I'm just an amateur meterologist.

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