Thursday, March 31, 2011

RickOHIO's Tribe Page

Tomorrow is the Cleveland Indians 2011 Opening Day.  The Tribe is on my mind.

There are still six places on Google where RickOHIO's Tribe Page shows up as a link.  Amazingly, one still links to it with "New!" in front of it.  Wow.

However, none of those links work.  In 2002, I took the web page down. 

That was my tribute to the Cleveland Indians begun in 1996 and continued for six years.  From late 1999 until I took it down, though, it was shrouded in black with the phrase something like this: "This page remains shrouded in black mourning the firing of Mike Hargrove as manager."

And then it went away in 2002 when all of my sites went into retirement.  It hasn't come back, yet.

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