Friday, March 18, 2011

Hooting About Hootsuite

Scenario 1.  Someone's visiting us so we schedule a welcome message on our Lobby Message Center.  That person brings an unexpected guest with them, though, and we notice as the car pulls up.

Our Operations Coordinator updates the message center to add the guests name and it shows up on the next refresh of the screen.

No sweat.  Bill did that all in seconds with Hootsuite even before the guest can make it through our front door.

Scenario 2.  The Port Authority signs a lease extension with its largest customer.  After the news release is e-mailed to the media list, it's time to spread the word on social media and update our websites.

The Facebook page needs updated.  We'd like to tweet about it on both the CEO and OhioPort Twitter accounts.  We want it on LinkedIn too. 

Again, no sweat.  I can enter the message from the news release, add a link, and update all four at once. 

I can tailor the message on each venue too.  Don't want those annoying Twitter # hashtags on Facebook?  Just edit it out and re-submit the other places.

Hootsuite's dashboard is where it all happens, in seconds.

Oh, and since our websites are integrated with our social media accounts, the extranet for on-site personnel got automatically updated and so did the front page of the Port Authority website.

All this from one spot and in seconds.

These scenarios are just two of many that make Hootsuite worth hooting about.

Thanks to Hootsuite, my experience defies the conventional wisdom that social media has to be hard and time consuming.

I recently upgraded Hootsuite to allow multiple accounts.  In fact, I can manage all Port Authority social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Wordpress from the same, single Hootsuite account.

Here's the examples:

Here's the bottom line: We can manage our place in the social media explosion while also keeping on top of our websites for less than the time we used to spend on our websites alone.

Thanks, Hootsuite.

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