Friday, March 25, 2011

A Great Read on a Great Deed

The inside of Steve Layman's manufacturing building.
Steve Layman tells the story of a manufacturer taking over a building in Licking County that, left to its own, would have ended up as merely a warehouse.

There are lessons galore in his story.

For one, it is a good thing for Licking County that developers are willing to be more patient and wait for a project that's good for the economy versus expediency on one that's mostly only good for them.

Secondly, industrial buildings are different than warehouse buildings.  They are.  The slabs are thicker, for one.  Plus, often, the building is built with overhead cranes or the ability for cranes to be installed.  That's why its a shame to see a building with capability for manufacturing to be used by an industry that produces less GDP per person than manufacturing.

Thirdly, the quicker empty industrial buildings get filled in our economy, the quicker more companies start having to look at greenfield industrial sites.  That's a good thing for those of us who are marketing such sites.

Fourthly, as we've been saying:  manufacturing is alive!

Oh yeah, here's the story:  I Love My Job, Part II.

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