Friday, January 28, 2011

Ohio Impacts the Super Bowl

For fear of bad winter weather, the Super Bowl will never be held in Ohio. For numerous reasons, Ohio-based teams aren't soon likely to play in a a Super Bowl.

Nonetheless, Ohio's role in the NFL dates to the leagues first days. Ohio's impact on the NFL and the Super Bowl is seen every year even if the game isn't played here and our NFL teams don't play in it.

Here's a few, quick observations:

The balls were made here.  Wilson Sporting Goods' football-manufacturing plant is in Ada, Ohio. The cowhides (no longer made from pigskin) used in the Super Bowl games are made in Ada.

Defense will have an Ohio flavor no matter which team has the ball. Steelers' defensive coordinator and Hall of Famer Dick LeBeau is a native of London, Ohio. Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers is from Cambridge, Ohio.

The Steelers have Ohio connections that stand out.  Though some of us cringe at mentioning it, Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger is from Findlay, Ohio (though he prefers to say he's from the non-existent town of Corey Rawson, Ohio).  James Harrison is a Kent State grad who's an Akron native.  Safety Will Allen came out of Ohio State.

The Packers have some Ohio connections too. Former Buckeye LB standout, A.J. Hawk, is a Kettering native.  His Wolverine counterpart, Charles Woodson, is from Fremont. TE Tom Crabtree is a Columbus native and a Miami University grad.  Lastly, Ryan Pickett is an Ohio State grad.

Want to help me grow the list? There are more.  I'm sure of that.

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