Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manufacturing Rebound

Who said manufacturing is dead?

Not Jack Schultz.  The author of BoomtownUSA is a frequent speaker with NAIOP, the nation's trade group for commercial and industrial developers.  He presented a webinar entitled "Manufacturing Rebound" last week to NAIOP's membership.  It's available online at

Yesterday, along with a link to his webinar presentation, he sent this Twitter message"USA still #1 mfg in world with 22% of market. China #2. Record production in 2008! Who would have thought?"

The number one part is no surprise.  The U.S. is so far above its competition for GDP that any idea of being toppled from #1 is far fetched.
Market share isn't either.  The U.S. came into this recession with 21% of the world market share.  That is, more than one out of every five dollars worth of manufacturing is done in the U.S.  That number has been steady and many predict it to rise.
China recently passed Japan by in GDP, but that's no surprise either. 
The record production in 2008 part is most interesting.  Now, that's something to really write about.
Schultz's webinar showed a net gain in manufacturing jobs in 2010 is at 127,000. 
More proof.  U.S. manufacturing is on the rebound.

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