Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're In The Rail Business

Count me among those who think that the soon-to-be-shelved 3C rail concept's $400 million (or what's left of it after the consultants get to take their state-sanctioned cut of it) should be spent on freight rail. 

Our Port Authority, after all, is in the rail business.

We don't, technically, own any rail track.  We don't own or operate a rail car.  The 900,000 sq. ft. of buildings we own and maintain are not rail-served. 

We do, however, own 350-acres of industrial property, 200+ of it is rail-accessible.  We've invested $10 million in owning and improving that land to taking advantage of rail service. 

Strong freight rail capabilities in Ohio are to Licking County's advantage.  If the $400 million can't be returned to reduce the deficit, let's put that money to use improving Ohio's rail service competitiveness instead.

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