Monday, November 29, 2010

Pine Trees, More Than Just for Christmas

It's easy to think of pine trees during the ramp up to Christmas. 

In Licking County's 79|Seventy Advanced Materials Corridor pine trees take on another meaning.  The Corridor is home to a production facility for Arboris, the largest producer of plant sterols in the world. 

Arboris' Newark plant makes pine tree-extracted plant sterols, a natural food additive.

Sterols made from pine tree extracts are used as a cholesterol-reducing additive.  It's product is in a variety of food products, including orange juice.  The vast majority of its product is exported to the European Union. 

Do a Google search and pine tree extracts show up as a wide range of uses ranging from natural treatments for ADHD and menopause to weed killers and a remedy for skin discolorations.

So, next time you think of that pine tree, think of the high-tech, bio-tech capabilities that Arboris represents in the 79|Seventy Corridor.

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