Sunday, October 31, 2010

Making Memories

Even if they're gross, like this slaughtered pig at the West Side Market in Cleveland, my job as a Dad is to make memories.  I'm sure my boys won't soon forget this. Nor will my youngest daughter who fled before I took the photo.

The chicken's feet and hog's hoofs will add to this gross memory indeed.

This was just one of many memories made this past weekend.

I had been overscheduled of late.  Ask my wife.  Ask my staff.  Before I could get back to some normalcy, I owed my kids some time off. 

We took a school three-day weekend and turned into a Northeast Ohio adventure. I absolutely am certain we made some memories, long-time ones.

We climbed the 108 steps to the top of the McKinley Monument in Canton.  I was still feeling the pain of that one four days later.

Brooks got lost near the old Meyer's Lake "Laffing Lady" inside the McKinley Museum.  Boy, she sure does look and sound like my mother-in-law.  Spooky.

We ate my favorite pizza.  The Kraus' Pizza Facebook Page got to share in that delight too.

We celebrated my brother's birthday with a prime rib dinner in Canal Fulton.  Dave extinguished the re-lighting candle in his water glass rather than blow them out. 

We went to Mass at my old church and school.  For once, they didn't ask me to tell them a nun story.

We rode the rapid transit line in Cleveland, including an empty Waterfront Line through an empty Flats.

We visited the Great Lakes Science Center.  The NASA stuff will be most memorable to my son, Brooks, who says he wants to be an astronaut.  I sure do like the reciprocity my membership to The Works brings with three free museum stops in three days.

We got to sit at the Kitchen Table which is, literally, in the kitchen at Buca di Beppo in Westlake. 

Whoever decorates that place must have memories of nuns too, just like me.  There were nun photos everywhere.

We felt an earthquake and stared at real dinosaur bones at Cleveland's Museum of Natural History.  We snuck into the Planetarium with a school field trip group, making the place and the event memorable both.  I still wonder why Licking County's mastodon is housed in Cuyahoga County's museum though.

The poor pig was supposed to be our last memory--walking through the old-style market at Cleveland's famous West Side Market.  We had lunch there before heading back.

Fate gave us another memory.  We passed within two blocks of a raging fire in downtown Mount Vernon on the drive back home.  Sadly, one's tragedy is someone else's memories.

Memories made.  Indeed.

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