Friday, October 22, 2010

Life Sucks. . .Without Parks and Paths

I'm the Pollyanna among bloggers.  I make no apology for that.  After all, there's enough negativity out there that I don't need to add to the pile.

It's hard, though, to be as optimistic for our future and positive about our present these days as I ponder the future of our parks and bike paths.  The November 2nd election is looming and the Licking Park District is on the ballot where the future of some our community's greatest assets hangs in the balance. 

Despite strong endorsements from the Licking County Chamber of Commerce and The Advocate, I am fearful that not enough people see the greatness of our county's parks and trails to pass this levy.

Without voter approval, the Park District will face monumental cuts.  Parks will most certainly close and the bike paths will suffer from less maintenance.  Something that is and has been a great asset for recreation and health reasons and, hidden to most, for economic development reasons too, will suffer.

It doesn't need to be that way.

With voter approval that equates to a mere $6 for an average household in Licking County per year (yes, 12 months), the funding will be there to make our parks great again and realize a vision of bike trails that are unrivaled for a county of 150,000 population.

That's one "value" meal or a movie ticket.  The value of well-maintained parks surely exceeds the price for a property owner to pay.

I voted early, and I voted for the levy.

After all.  Life sucks without parks and paths.

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