Monday, October 18, 2010

I Can Remain a Steelers Fan

I've written about Ben Roethlisberger and promised to write no more.  I won't.

My No. 7 jersey is in a landfill somewhere.  It's gone and won't be replaced.

This is a blog about being able to accomplish something I wasn't sure I could.  Can this lifetime Steelers fan and current Roethisberger despiser remain an active Steelers fan?  I, frankly, had my doubts.

I watched. This was my first chance to watch the Steelers on television so far this season so I did.

I didn't watch because Roethlisberger was back.   Not at all.  The fact that the hated-one was QB'ing was not compelling me to watch.  If I was at Heinz Field, I would have booed him vigorously.

I never found myself cheering for Roethlisberger. Not once. It's true.
So, yes, I can watch the team and root for my team while holding zero regard for the QB.
I can watch, and I can remain a Steelers fan.

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