Monday, October 11, 2010

My Grandma Dena, On the Driverless Car

Thinking of the automatic car unveiled by Google made me think of my Grandma Dena.

She never got her driver's license and, all her life, was driven everywhere she went by someone else.  Yet, she had some distinct thoughts about cars and drivers.

Would she have gone for a driverless car?  Maybe.

She had a habit of sitting in the back seat of the car behind the driver's seat and barking out orders.  "Dickie!  Dickie!  The light's yellow!" she would shout to my grandfather.  She was the original back seat driver.

No driver?  No one to shout at.

When we turned 16 and got our license, she bought us grandkids memberships in a club that gave you a Jesus-heart to put in the car to protect you.  I'm religious, but I really didn't think Jesus required $10 from my grandma for me to be protected in the car. 

No driver?  No one for the Jesus-heart club to protect.

Grandma Dena was a huge advocate for seat belts.  I'm told she was writing to Congress and making a campaign of requiring seat belts before such belts were required in cars.  She got her wish about those being in cars, but she didn't live long enough for laws that required people to actually wear them.  She would have gone for that too.

No driver? Still need belts.

My guess is I think she would have gone for driverless cars.  After all, she always trusted someone else to drive her.  This technology leap would be shorter for her than for the control freak drivers among us.

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