Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fire Up The Mom Network

According to an Ohio Department of Development statistic, 14 people on average turn 65 in Ohio every day. In 2012, when the Class of '65 turns 65, that will balloon to 119 people every day!

Like much of the nation, Licking County will soon face a workforce crunch. It seems hard to believe, with a 8.8% unemployment rate, but it's coming. Jobs will go unfilled unless extraordinary measures are taken to match job seekers with job openings in Ohio.

It's time to turn something that has long been a negative for Ohio into a positive. We can reverse the so-called Brain Drain--people getting skills and education and leaving the state for careers elsewhere--by firing up the "Mom Network."

The "Mom Network" is when parents in Ohio and Licking County make it known to their kids who have been transplanted elsewhere of a job opening close to their hometown.

It doesn't mean that those engineers in Denver or technologists in Minneapolis were even job hunting. That's the beauty of it. The "Mom Network" gives Licking County, and Ohio, an added edge in a tight labor market that few other places enjoy.

Of course, the hard part is finding a dating service of sorts that matches mom's who care to help grease the skids for their kids (and grandkids with him) to return to their hometown with the job openings that exist.

It's time to start now. shows 51 openings for engineers in Licking County. I didn't check out all 51, but I, personally, know many of these openings are real jobs waiting to get filled. I just shared this with one Dad (the Mom Network doesn't have to be confined to just moms) who was inquiring about mechanical engineering job openings for his son in Wisconsin.

The Port Authority's page links to companies like Boeing, Goodrich, and Bionetics that are located at the Aerospace Center in Heath. There are at least 10 job openings here right now among these employers that are posted online and awaiting applicants. Yes, right now.

That's just two sources. There are others.


Take Action: Know of a mechanical or electrical engineer with a background in inertial guidance or metrology work? Send them to today. These are speciality careers with openings at the Aerospace Center today.

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