Sunday, September 26, 2010

Speaking of Hi-Railing

A catostrophic event causes the Governor to call for the evacuation of all of state government in Ohio.  As Ohio is one of the top economies in the World and the government show must go on, the decision is made to take the Governor, his cabinet, the legislature, and the Supreme Court to one place for safe keeping and to carry on with governing.  The roads are clogged with evacuees from the state capital.  All traditional means of departure are slowed.

This is a multiple, what-if scenario that was once presented to me.

I thought I had a pretty good suggestion.  I suggested a rail-equipped bus, sort of like a bigger hi-rail type vehicle, be at state government's disposal.  Hop state government onto a bus and go traffic-free away from the catosrophy to an evacuation point.

I don't know if they ever did it though.  I guess I hope we never find out.

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