Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garmin Gets It Right By Getting it Wrong

My wife's Garmin gets it.

Her Garmin doesn't yet know there's a new four-lane highway between New Albany and Granville, but it does know by what number this highway we're driving on between New Albany and Granville should be numbered.

Having just left the highway formerly known as 161 that ODOT says is State Route 37, I noticed that Garmin had the wrong number.  It was right though.


Garmin said I'm driving on Hwy 161.  Not confusing there.

Yes, that's what the number should be even if ODOT says it shouldn't.

ODOT says I'm driving on SR37 and about to drive on SR16, so, technically, Garmin is wrong.

Garmin's right for being wrong.

Now, I'm nearing the section where SR16 heads south and 37 has previously exited North.  ODOT says I'm now on 16.  Garmin gets it wrong by ODOT but right by the rest of us, again, and says I'm on Hwy161 E.

This is a confusing column I'm writing.  I know. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could end all this confusion? 

Imagine trying to explain this to an out-of-town CEO considering a major capital investment in our area.

Imagine your life depending on an EMS squad knowing where the heck you are located when you call 9-1-1.

Time for the multi-number Hwy 161/37/16/36/250/22, aka the Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor, to be given one overlay number from Columbus to the Ohio River. 

Garmin gets it.  Call it Hwy 161.

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