Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Year on Twitter

Monday at 8:22 p.m. marked my one-year anniversary on Twitter. 
Though the jury's still out for the day-to-day business value, I've seen enough in the first year to say its been worth my time investment heading into year two.
My time spent on Twitter is pretty small really.  The results can be large.
I tweeted earlier this year and got an appointment with a member of Congress during our DC Fly-In with our customers' leadership.  Lobbyists can charge tens of thousands of dollars for helping do the same thing.
Our Port Authority, stalled looking at text message alert systems for emergency alerts to our customers that cost $3,000 a year or more, opted to go to Twitter instead.  That was free.  There's a decision that's already showing value in the thousands of dollars.
My entire staff is now on Twitter, including intergrating our Twitter message into our last Holiday Open House.  What's the value of getting your team to be more tech-saavy?
Now, I'll send out a tweet about my blog about Twitter.

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