Monday, July 12, 2010

Steve Layman's Reason #49 for Liking Newark and Licking County

See Anderson Layman Blog's Sunday piece titled In Praise of a Community Bank.

In particular, read the "Try to imagine. . ." that Steve references and the scenario of the bank selling out to a larger bank. 

I watched it in another town in which I worked.  Steve is right on.

The community bank sold out to another bank.  The big bank came to town instead.

Pretty soon, the bank officers disappeared from Rotary, the Chamber, and other community-betterment organizations.  Pretty soon, the largest United Way contributor was hardly involved with United Way.  Pretty soon, the very downtown buildings they occupied got sold off to self-minded owners instead of community-minded ones and the jobs shrank. 

The community did not do well in that sale.  Not at all.

Steve's right.  We need to value community banks like Park National Bank and the impact they have on our community.

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