Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perfect Attendance in Rotary

The Procedures and Customs of the Newark (Ohio) Rotary Club reads:  "A Rotarian's interest in their Club, and the Club's value to them and their value to the Club, are in direct proportion to their contact with their fellow Rotarians at Club meetings."

Attendance is important to Rotarians.

My grandfather had 50 years of perfect attendance in Rotary.

His badge of honor was, often, my curse. When I joined the same Club as him in 1995, his attendance record put a big spotlight on my lack of attendance record. 

In celebration of the start of a new Rotary year, the Newark Rotary Club recently saw 37 members recognized for a year or more of perfect attendance.  Impressive.

Even more impressive is the top list of those with years of continuous perfect attendance.

John Weaver, 57 years
T.D. Griley, 52 years
Don Gunnerson, 45 years
Ray Wilson, 44 years
Rick Battat, 40 years
Glenn Abel, 39 years

Even I made the list of having one year of perfect attendance this year.  My grandfather would be proud.

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