Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Case for Social Media

I'm an early Generation Xer. I can remember a world without computers and without video games, but just barely. I've been using a computer and playing video games for 33 years of my 43-year life.

Most of my generation who has worked in an office has worked in one with computers.

Facebook and other social media are commonplace to our generation.  And half of today's workforce is comprised of Gen X and Gen Y.

We are perfectly comfortable in places just a few years ago were thought to be only for kids.

My 25th high school reunion is about to take place and planning for it began on Facebook where 40% of our classmates are members. Yes, 80+ of our 200-member class is on Facebook.

And then there's the line I use when someone says they aren't on Facebook.

If you aren't on Facebook, think again.

There are countless photos of school classes, work places, and family events on Facebook. Thus, if you aren't on Facebook, your face is.

Yep, social media matters.

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