Friday, May 7, 2010

I Hate Palmer Fest

As I type this, 4,250+ people have RSVP'd on Facebook for the largest of the Ohio University [INSERT NAME HERE] Fests--Palmer Fest.
Below is the photo that shows last year's version in its full glory.  This year's version hits full steam tonight.

What you see is every O.U. parent's nightmare.  That's a public street in the middle of that bonfire.  I'm pretty sure that balcony (or is that a roof?) wasn't built with the idea of that much weight sitting on it. The only thing missing from this photo were the horses for the mounted police getting pelted with beer bottles.
Though I've managed, amazingly, to convince my 20-year-old daughter to more often consider family-oriented alternatives (see April's Nerkfest blog), I failed to accomplish that miracle this year.  She'll be there, somewhere, with her friends.
And I'll be praying that I get that 4 a.m. text message to tell me she's safe rather than some phone call telling me otherwise.
Have I said yet? I hate Palmer Fest.

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