Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike-to-Work Week Diary - Final Day

Rain predicted again today.  I'm sure I'm not alone in leaving the bike behind.

It would be easy to be depressed about the fact that what was to be a week-long affair, turned into a one day of decent-enough weather to entice the novice rider out for Bike-to-Work Week.

But no one should be disappointed about the accomplishments of this week.

There are reports of someone from Jobes Henderson riding their bike in from Delaware County.  Johnstown was not too daunting for another rider from Bionetics.  Every citizen in Licking County could claim they saw more bikes out than ever.

While the Licking County Trails Alliance goes about compiling the number of miles, days ridden, riders, and their stories, we can predict that the 35 companies, this year, rode further and in bigger numbers, than the 33 riders did last year.

Most of all, more people were reminded that we have these great recreational trails in Licking County.

Mission accomplished.

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