Friday, April 2, 2010

A Dad's Advice

My brother and his wife came to visit. Knowing my kids got bikes for their birthdays, they wanted suggestions for belated birthday gifts.

I suggested kick stands.

Inexplicably, the kids' bikes came without them, and I hadn't made that much-needed investment, yet.

Not surprisingly, my advice went unheeded.

A cornicopia of gifts were bestowed instead.

My son Brooks broke the bike horn a few minutes after I installed it. The squirt gun won't fire now, and his frisbee is on the roof. One kite is detached from its string already. The bubbles spilled in the bag on the way home.  I don't give the sidewalk chalk a chance at long life either.

Ah, the value of a Dad's advice. That kickstand would be giving back right now so much more than it cost.

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