Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Life Choice in Licking County

This sunset photo was taken on March 6, 2010 from a porch window in Licking County.  Though it was taken at a restaurant, it's illustrative of the variety of home life choices here.

When my family chose to move to Licking County in 2002, I found a neighborhood quite similar to the one I grew up.  It's a great place to raise my family for more reasons than I can list.

If I liked living on water, I could have been content here too.  Buckeye Lake in Southern Licking County is a lake town.

Want to live in a downtown loft?  Downtown Newark's got it.

Want to live in the country with vistas and hillside sunsets like the one taken above from the porch off of the Longaberger Golf Club?  It's here.

It's also not far to two very different worlds.  Amish Country is an easy commute east.  Victorian Village, German Village, and downtown Columbus are urban lifestyle centers also within easy commute too.

That's the strength of Licking County--home life choice.

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