Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Day

March 17 is known for two things.

Today is St. Patrick's Day, best represented by the four-leaf clover.  I have enough Irish in me that I consider this a day to wear green.  I've partaken of the green beer too on occasion.

It's also the day after which, in Ohio, that you have to start thinking of growing grass.  Seriously.

One year when my daughter was on Spring Break, my wife took a week off with her.  I stayed home and took one day off.  I planted a new lawn on a vacant lot we had recently bought next to our house.

I had consulted the Ohio State extension agent and researched it.

March 17 that year was the best day to plant grass.

My neighbors thought I was crazy, but it wasn't many days later that I got proven to be right.

A great, green lawn grew in where a rocky, muddy mess had been before.

Of course, I didn't want any four-leaf clovers on it.  I didn't want any clover.

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