Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'd Like to Buy the World a Pizza

Around this time a year ago, I was brought a pizza from my hometown favorite--Kraus' Pizza in Massillon, Ohio.

Kraus' is distinct.  The pepperoni curls up to hold a tasty amount of grease.  The sausage is crumbled just right.  The mushrooms, not those bland white kind, are a delight.  The green peppers are diced just right.  The crust is perfect.  The sauce has the right balance of spice and sweet.

"I should start a fan page on Facebook, " I declared!

I ate that pizza before I thought of it.  So, I decided to share my box instead.

Using the photo of the box, I began a Facebook page.  The owner's daughter actually thanked me for starting it one day after reading all the amazing comments.

Today, as the fan page nears its one-year anniversary, the number of fans nears 4,000.

The M.O. for the page is encouraging fans to share their pizza.  We encourage fans to post a photo of their Kraus' Pizza pizza for the world to see.  Some fans even made a short video that added to the craze.

No matter where you go in the World--and Facebook.com/KrausPizza fans come from more than 25 different countries and translate the page into 16 different languages--you always crave your hometown pizza.

Like the box reads, "Das good!"


Here's a link to the video some Kraus' Pizza fans at Warped Vision Studios produced.  Das good!

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