Thursday, January 28, 2010

What? No Cleveland? Ohio's 3C is Now Cincinnati, Columbus, and. . . Creston?

I read US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood's blog this morning announcing the high speed rail initiative that was part of last year's ARRA stimulus package.

This map is there as part of the announcment:

Here's a closer view at Ohio:

For the record, I know Cleveland.  I can find Cleveland, Ohio on a map. 

This map is no Cleveland.

That section about the 3C map in Ohio doesn't hit Cleveland. 

Apparently, the Ohio 3C is now going to be Cincinnati, Columbus, and Creston.   Creston, Ohio is pretty near that map point shown.

Maybe someone can clear that map up.  Or maybe the 3C Plan B is to stop at Creston until more money is found.

For my rail friends out there, please forgive a little more high speed rail humor.

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