Monday, November 12, 2012

Life In A Swing Ward

Remarking, and gesturing too, at the Eisenhower Office Building's Indian Treaty Room.

"For the sake of our economic future as a nation, keep making manufacturing a top, national issue after the election." I punctuated my point to White House officials at in August adding, "Tell them you heard it from a guy who lives in a Swing Ward, in a Swing City, in a Swing State." And I wasn't exaggerating.

With precinct-level results now in and reported on by The Advocate, I'm proven right. Shockingly, right.

Ohio was close and, until we change our way of allocating electoral college electors, remains a Swing State.

Newark was 50-48 Romney. Romney visited Newark. Obama didn't. Plus, the auto bailout was a non-issue in Licking County. Swing City.

Then, there's my ward. The Fourth Ward is a bellwether indeed. Newark's Fourth Ward was won by Romney by a mere 68 votes--1,393 for the Republican challengers and 1,325 for the Democrat incumbents. Swing Ward.
Will the White House listen?

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