Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Column Routine

My Sunday routine always includes reading Joe Hallett's Columbus Dispatch column. His ideology is hard to nail down. Democrats probably think he's a Republican and Republicans assume he's not one of them. I'm not sure they aren't, somehow, both wrong. It doesn't matter, though, I read for the pragmatism.

Today's column hit his ever-pragmatic tone again. The political status quo is not particularly promising, particularly if one believes that there are some real issues that need pragmatically resolved, and soon.

His conclusion should draw pragmatists to read the whole thing: "We — you and me — allowed this to happen. We have enabled the gerrymandering that has eliminated competitive general elections and rendered a Congress full of granite-headed extremists. We have allowed special interests to buy our representatives by doing nothing to correct a corrupt campaign-finance system."

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