Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life In a Swing State: Big Checks, On Occasion

This is one in a series on Life In A Swing State aimed at pushing Ohio's Swing State status in the state's favor just a little bit.

Youngstown, Ohio got some good news when President Obama's Administration came to town.  Though I didn't see a big mock check, that's what was delivered nonetheless.  $30 million of grant money from NIST will go to build the so called National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.  The first of 15 national innovation places funded by the feds.

Additive manufacturing is the new rage where low rate production is built up (thus, additive) with "3D printers" out of materials instead of machined down from a bigger piece of material.

The timing of the news is no coincidence to the Presidential election, of course.  But Youngstown has not, for decades, been in the play as a swing area in this swing state either.

So, though I wouldn't easily dismiss this win as pure politics, I'm not sure we get this news right now without the need for manufacturing good news in Ohio in general out of DC.

I'm looking forward to this investment paying off for Ohio, and the nation.  Truly.

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