Friday, August 24, 2012

Life in a Swing State: Quadrennial TV Ad Sales Boom or Bust?

This is one in a series on Life In A Swing State aimed at pushing Ohio's Swing State status in the state's favor just a little bit.

It's a mixed bag. 

Television stations in Ohio are experiencing their quadrennial boom in ad revenues.  Our state's TV news staffs and public relations firms get their greatest job stability boost during this time every four years.

That's good for them.  It's not good for everyone, though.

Try to be an advertiser, though, getting your best rate right now in Ohio. 

It's a bust.  If you can even buy time, you can't count on any discounts.  Unless you want to advertise in California or Georgia or some other clearly red or clearly blue state, you might as well vacation 100 days out of a competitive presidential election in Ohio.

Business takes a dip when the Presidential election takes center stage instead.

That's life in a Swing state.

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